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Free service charge for self-collection customer!

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Free service charge for self-collection customer!

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订餐流程 Ordering Process

点送您喜欢的锅底,小料,菜品(可选套餐)。 凉菜及小吃均免费送上餐桌。
友情提示:为保证您的订餐及时送达,请提前预定。 如需炉具请告知,我们将无偿提供,不收取任何押金 (一个锅底仅限一个炉具)。

Choose your favourite pot type, appetizers, dishes ( optional package meals ). Cold dishes and snacks are complimentary.
You only need to prepare tables and chairs, power and water supply. The delivery staff will arrive at agreed time so you can savour the delicious steamboat.
Friendly reminder in order to make sure that your order can be delivered on time, please order in advance.
Please indicate if you need any cooker. We will provide it without charge and will not collect any deposit.
You may only get one cooker for each pot you order.
During cooker collection, we will provide dining area cleaning services.
Please indicate the number of diners during checkout at the"Add Remarks" column. 

收费标准 Charges


Minimum order for dlievery:S$98/pot
Delivery charges: S$4/km ( including less than 1 kilometer)from 313 branch. Maximum charge S$50 around in singapore. 
Double delivery charge for order two pots above not including two pots.
Delivery time: 30mins to 2hours within 5km from 313 branch. Recommend to order food 24 hours in advance if over 5km from 313 branch.
Payment accepted: Cash or NETS only.

外送套餐 /Delivery Set Meal

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外送套餐 /Delivery Set Meal

外卖电话 / Delivery Hotline:

6509 4111


套餐D(8人)/ Set Meal D ( 8-person portion, save $22 )

五花猪肉片, 猪黄喉, 嫩鱼片, 嫩鸡肉片, 羊肉卷, 午餐肉, 炸鱼皮, 黑猪肉, 脆皮肠, 手

工虾滑, 手工虾饼, 猪颈肉, 田鸡, 猪肉丸子, 炸豆皮, 菠菜, 魔芋丝, 海带, 竹笋尖, 海鲜拼盘, 什

锦菌拼, 红薯宽粉, 嫩豆腐, 腐竹, 茼蒿, 孜然鸡丁, 丸滑组合, 金针菇  
Double Flavour Hot Pot
Pork belly, Swine throat, Sliced fish, Chicken Slices, Mutton slices, 
Luncheon Meat , Crispy fish skin, Black pork, Mini sausages, Handmade mashed shrimp, 
Handmade shrimp cake, Pork neck, Chinese bull frog, Pork ball, Fried tofu skin,
Konjac thread, Kelp, Tender tips of bamboo shoots, Seafood platter, Mushroom combination platter, 
Sweet potato wide vermicelli, Fresh tofu, Beancurd Sheet, Crown daisy, Cumin chicken, 
Assortment of meatballs & mashed meat, Golden mushrooms
*The above price does not include the seasoning, GST and service charge



Add S$328.00